It goes downward spiral from here.

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A team of bunnies working on games with the focus on interactive fiction and some bits of plots, probably. Not to mention, with style ☆

MOONBBIT is a team of misfits formed on December 17th, 2017. Our first and foremost mission is to create games targeting female audiences with a focus on characters and their relationships.

We also enjoy murdering our characters, on occasions.

Our Works

With our writer's whimsical nature and flexible writing, we have a range of stories for you to choose from. Aside from their similarity in having romance elements, the games often embody storylines with varied genres and themes.

Alas: mon pauvre coeur (December 2018)Ephemeral Light: Overture (Spring 2019)The Wall Between Us (Summer 2019)Boy Toy (Summer 2019)

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