MOONBBIT. is a team of me, myself, and I with the help of a few friends. Also, the conduct of demon summoning. And blood sacrifice, never forgets that.

Expect the creators to be confused about their own works and the players to be even more confused. Currently focusing on creating free games before we launched a bunch of commercial ones. Kind of like trial versions, but worse.

Hope to bring you the finest of salt and spice this upcoming summer with the leftover of games waiting to be released since two years ago.


(all works made by moonbbit always have some elements of romance in them)
alas - mon pauvre coeur - is a tragic love story about romance as it is, with its ups and downs and with sadness and happiness
caturday mewment - is an eclectic love story about feline sensuality, at least according to my friend
the wall between us - is a somber slice of life story about grievance, and moving on from the memories that haunt you
boy toy - is an otome game with some light, fun and colourful experiment on style and visual directions.